Stop Just Getting By…

Master the Networking, Referral and Selling Skills Necessary to Develop a Consistent Flow of Your  Ideal Clients

… so you never have to suffer the pain and anguish of ‘feast and famine’ again

Hi. I’m Ron Gibson.

I help business owners, professional advisers, and consultants who love what they do, but struggle with sales and marketing, get a consistent flow of their ideal clients.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than helping someone win their own clients.

About my 1on1 “More Clients” Coaching and Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program is to help you get more clients. Simple as that.

It’s full of street-smart, proven-in-the-real-world tools and strategies to help you get better at marketing and selling your services and expertise ― without you having to be pushy or salesy or any of that other stuff you hate about traditional selling and marketing.

Ron Gibson is the absolute best in this field.
Catriona Macleod. Director, Cullen Macleod Lawyers

Of course, there’s still work to be done. To succeed at winning clients and growing your business you have to make new contacts, nurture relationships to build understanding and trust, and then turn your relationships into paying clients.

But there are simple, effective ways to do this that any business person or professional can master when you know how.

And that’s what you’ll get in this program ― what to do and how to do it, what to say and how to say it to get more clients and grow your business ― all in a positive, relationship-building way.

About Ron Gibson

I’ve been helping hundreds of companies and firms with their business development and sales challenges since 1992.

More importantly, I’ve ‘walked the talk’ in building my own successful consulting, training, coaching and speaking business ― from the ground up, without spending money on expensive advertising and marketing.

I’m not a natural born salesperson. I had to learn, practice and master the ropes of marketing and selling myself, and my business.

But through study, experience, and having some of the best marketers and sellers in the field as my mentors, I’ve learned what it takes to become effective at finding, attracting and winning business ― and that’s what I teach my clients.

We can attribute tens of millions of dollars in additional clients and new business to the
networking and referral marketing skills training Ron Gibson has done for our people.

Norm Roberts, General Manager at ANZ Mobile Lending Perth

My particular focus these days is on working with small to mid-size companies and firms and solo professionals ― primarily accountants, lawyers, consultants, engineers, architects, project managers, financial advisers, bankers, IT services providers, executive recruiters, finance and insurance brokers and other service providers as well as business owners of many stripes.

Specifically, I work on core networking, relationship building and selling skills with my clients. These are the ‘soft skills’ necessary to attract and develop new business, particularly for professional services, financial services and business-to-business services providers.

Having the ability to consistently create new business opportunities with your networking, referral and relationship skills and then consistently convert those opportunities into paid business with your selling skills gives you the ultimate success formula for getting new clients and growing your business.

Importantly, I also work with my clients to put in place sustainable systems and processes that help them build a consistently well-stocked business pipeline ― so they never have to worry about where their next client is coming from.

Since going into business for myself all those years ago I’ve been astounded at the depth of talent and passion for helping clients in the businesses and firms I’ve met. Yet, I’ve also seen how many of these businesses are struggling or failing to live up to their potential simply because they haven’t cracked business development and selling. And as a result, they struggle to generate enough leads and enough clients on a consistent basis.

I’ve made it my mission to help professionals, businesspeople and their small to mid-size companies and firms escape from being the best kept secret in their field and to get the clients, recognition and rewards they deserve.

Ron Gibson’s client acquisition and referral marketing systems are logical and straight forward and can be used by anyone who wants to be more effective and more successful in this critically important area of business life.
Brian Aitken, Senior Adviser BDO Perth

If you like what you’ve read so far, and you think I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then contact me for an informal discussion. There’s no commitment, and I won’t try to push you into a sale. We’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

Drop me a note at: or call me on: +61(0) 413 420 538

More About My 1on1 “More Clients” Coaching and Mentoring Program

Does any of this sound like you?

“You love what you do, and you know you could be helping more people”

“You work hard, but your hard work isn’t adding up to a consistent flow of your ideal clients”

“You know you need to increase your revenues and referrals, but you’re not sure how”

“You’re uncomfortable with selling and marketing”

“Every day you experience how tough the competition is becoming, but you don’t know what to do about it”

“You’re frustrated with not earning enough money”

“You find it difficult to get in front of people who need your services or expertise” (Red flag)

“You send out bids or proposals to prospects who disappear”

“You struggle with converting interested prospects into actual clients” (Red flag)

“Your prospects are more focused on your price, instead of your value”

“You’re networking, but you don’t get any business or referrals”

“You spend a small fortune on networking meetings and memberships and have little or no business to show for it”

“You want to be better at following up and staying in touch with people who can give or refer work to you”

“You can’t get people to return your calls or answer your emails” (Another red flag)

“You’re doing great work, but still not getting enough referrals”

“You wish you could get more introductions without asking”

“Referrals are often to the wrong types of prospects”

“Your clients say they will introduce you, but nothing happens”

“Some prospects seem to lose interest after showing so much promise”

“Your centers of influence aren’t as productive as you wish”

“Your growth just isn’t at the pace you desire”

Is any of that you?
Then you need help with business development and sales.

Let me work with you to grow your business…

Depending on your needs, the competencies of your tailored “More Clients” Coaching Program with me may include:

  • The ‘Business Development Success Mindset’
  • Creating a Personal Business Development Plan that will work for you
  • Building your network of contacts and connections efficiently
  • Harnessing the full potential of your network
  • Understanding how to initiate contact with the people just beyond your inner circle
  • How to turn the people you meet into clients and referral sources
  • Selling to your friends: How to leverage personal contacts without hurting your friendships
  • Finding, refining and capitalising on your niche
  • Building a deep understanding of your ideal clients
  • Formulating a simple message (elevator pitch) that expresses your services memorably and distinguishes you from others in your field
  • Breaking through obstacles in developing business such as not wanting to look or feel like a salesperson, not wanting to impose, difficulty asking for business, perceived time pressures and procrastination and more
  • Increasing visibility in front of targeted prospective clients
  • Breaking into new accounts and landing initial meetings with prospects
  • Becoming a trusted ‘go-to’ person
  • Identifying who you need to meet to achieve your business development goals ― and how you are going to meet them
  • A framework for managing the business development conversation with clients, prospective clients and networking contacts ― no more wasting time on great conversations which go nowhere
  • How to get clients to refer new clients to you
  • How to motivate passive referral sources
  • Developing advocates who will REFER you and SELL you
  • Generating new business from existing clients, new clients and referral sources
  • Identifying and capitalising on internal cross-selling opportunities without feeling like a salesperson
  • Getting more meetings with ideal prospects
  • Setting appointments with potential referral sources that stick
  • Leading masterful sales conversations from the first introduction to winning the client to expanding the account
  • Understanding how to sell value, not price
  • Asking for business: how and when to ask, following up, creating and implementing next steps
  • Renewing contact with and warming up old contacts
  • How to make valuable connections, not just contacts
  • Where to network for the best results
  • How to work a networking event and get results, even if you’re not a natural networker ― no more turning up to events and leaving empty-handed
  • How to follow up from a networking event so that you capitalise on the connection that you have made
  • How to follow up on your follow-up so that you move them forward toward a win ― no more opportunities disappearing into a black hole
  • How to go from networking to actually winning clients
  • The perfect follow-up and keep-in-touch system so you don’t accidentally drift away from your contacts and ensure deals and referrals don’t fall through the cracks
  • How to subtly introduce business development into an informal conversation without creating awkwardness
  • Turning a social relationship into a business one
  • The follow-up strategies that replace arbitrary ‘keep me in touch’ intentions into proactive business opportunities
  • How to turn your networking connections into RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS
  • What to do to make professional networking groups and organisations pay off quickly
  • Navigating business lunches/breakfasts systematically for deeper relationships and better results ― no more wasting time on networking coffees and meals which go nowhere
  • Creating your personal networking/business development strategy and action plan
  • Personal nurture strategies to enhance relationships and become super referable with clients and referral sources
  • Low key ways to keep in touch, stay top-of-mind and nurture potential opportunities with your network of contacts, without pestering
  • Keeping in touch between deals, pieces of work and engagements to achieve top of mind status and remain there
  • Tapping your network to build your client base, generate leads, gain referrals and develop strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Getting your share of the business being done on LinkedIn
  • Starting in a new geography or sector
  • Staying accountable for your actions and success
  • Finding time in your already-busy schedule for business development, networking and relationship building

None of this is about sneaky tricks to get people to buy… or mindless scripts for you to memorise… or trendy marketing techniques that don’t live up to their hype.

Everything will be laid out for you. We will work through what to do and how to do it, what to say and how to say it to create a major shift in your business development and selling success. And you’ll have a plan and a system that will give you consistency, reliability and confidence in the outcome. No more winging it.

Each coaching session is customised to align with your needs and results in a detailed plan of action for you involving clear follow-up actions.

My role as coach is to act as a strategist, teacher, sounding board and reminder system.

Notes will be taken on the personal commitments made during each coaching session and after each session you will receive a list of your commitments in the form of an action plan to help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

And you get personal feedback and advice from me to help fine tune your strategies and make sure you’re on the right track.

By the way, I not only teach these competencies, but I have built my own successful business upon them.

My Goal For You

It’s simple: help you win more clients and make more money.

I will point you in the right direction, answer all your questions, remove the overwhelm and give you everything you need to know to get all the clients you want.

I’m with you every step of the way (as much or as little as you want). Plus, I’ll give you a big dose of discipline and accountability to help you keep your business development activities moving forward.

I’ll be contacting you regularly with articles, tools, techniques, seminars and tips you’ll find useful and helpful in growing your business.

Sound good?

Tailored to your needs, your one-on-one More Clients coaching program costs only $800 plus GST. This includes 2 in-depth sessions with me which most clients use in a month, but you can spread them out over whatever time frame best serves you. There is no fixed time limit for these sessions, but they typically run approximately 3 hours each. We end each session when we have reached a logical ending point and you are clear on what is next.

Optional ongoing coaching and accountability…

After your initial two sessions, you may wish to continue with the coaching in which each additional session costs $300 plus GST. These ongoing sessions run approximately 3 hours each. You can call an end to these additional sessions anytime you like, but most clients continue with me for between 3 and 12 months simply because of the ROI they get, not to mention the feeling of being held accountable.

I’m so confident that you will benefit from this coaching that I provide a money-back guarantee for every session and require no contract.

Invest In Yourself… and Your Business!

The biggest mistake you can make in your business is believing that business development/sales challenges will get better on their own or magically work themselves out. They never do. Isn’t it time to stop “just getting by” and make an investment that pays for itself in new clients and higher revenue.

Again, if you like what you’ve read so far, and you think I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then contact me for an informal discussion. There’s no commitment, and I won’t try to push you into a sale ― we’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

Drop me a note at: or call me on: +61(0) 413 420 538

Best regards.
Ron Gibson
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