Why this blog about Business Networking?

Go networkingI believe that everything happens for a reason, though that reason might not be clear at first it comes into picture later down the track. This blog is a prime example of how you can benefit from networking and developing relationships by following up and keeping touch.

I attended a breakfast event at end of last year where there was going to be a talk on how networking actually works along with some practical tips and strategies. I went there just to learn something new; little did I know that because of that event, I would be forming a business partnership.

At the event I met Ron Gibson (The networking Guru), he gave a fantastic presentation and some really great tips, my favourite being “Asking the people you met how you can help them”. As the event was about to draw to a close I had a chance to thank Ron for his talk and exchange contact details to arrange a meeting afterwards.

You never know what might come out of meeting other people, till you meet them and build a relationship by following up and keeping in touch.

In the week after the event we caught up for a coffee and we got talking about what we do for a living and how we came about where we were at and what our future plans are and what not. Out of the conversations we discovered how we could help out each other in one way or the other. Ron had mentioned that he wanted to focus a little bit on getting online in 2013 and I had some knowledge and skills around that. The Perfect Match!

The biggest reason for Ron wanting to go online was to actually reach out to many more people and help them with the “networking thing” by sharing his 20+ years of experience and insights gained from building his own successful business – all through networking and relationships. I was so inspired by his BIG WHY that I offered to help him out with this and so we decided to work together in developing a system for people to access Ron and his wealth of knowledge 24/7, no matter where they are located or at what stage of learning they are, the first part being this blog.

Through this blog, Ron is going to share “value” messages, resources, tips and tricks, strategies,  answers and solutions that you can act on to create and win more business in a positive, relationship-building way and much much more. Also from time to time I will be sharing my learnings from Ron’s advice and readings.

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  1. Hi Jenish,

    Just read your first post. Totally agree that we need associates and like minded friends in order to make it in the internet marketing business. The days of the Lone Ranger is long gone. Keep up the good work and befriend me on Facebook.


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