Network Strategically To Gain More And Better Referrals

How To Network Strategically To Gain More And Better Referrals For Your Business

Eliminate the HIGH COST of cold market business development by having your own community of REFERRAL PARTNERS…… When most people network, they traditionally join industry-related associations and meet people at monthly gatherings. They also sponsor events, serve on committees, attend conferences and trade shows, play golf and host business get-togethers of all kinds. These networking […]

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Win More Clients

Unlock The Secret Of Winning More Clients!

Act Without Attachment: You’ll Win More Clients That Way In my work with clients, I talk about why it is important to “act without attachment to desired results” while meeting with prospects. In other words, while you would certainly prefer that the person be interested in doing business with you, you’re not obsessed about getting […]

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business networking questions

15 Questions For Your Business Networking Success

Are you attending networking events and not generating any business leads? If you want better (more profitable) results from your networking conversations, learn to ask better questions. When you go to a networking event, your conversations will be a lot more fruitful if you ask better questions than the standard, run-of-the-mill “What do you do?”, […]

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make networking work for you

Make Networking Work For You

For many business people and professionals, networking is their primary source of business, while many others frequently claim to put a lot of effort into networking without seeing much return. What’s going on here? Why does networking work for some people, but not for others? And what about you? Does networking work for you? Networking, […]

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